[Samba] Re: Questions on Mounting user shares [was:Re: Mounting SMB shares without root]

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Fri Feb 1 11:29:05 GMT 2002

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Louis Lam wrote:

> What I intended to do is for users on the client machine(linux) to be able 
> to mount their own smb share from the server(linux). In this case, I thought 
> of setting up one share each for the users of the system.

Currently, just using NFS might be easier between 2 unix systems. If
that's not an option then ...

> When this non-root user logs in to the client machine, how is he/she able to 
> mount their own particular share from the server?
> In another words, i wanted to set it up just like a NT environment, where U 
> can "map" drives from remote machines as non-admin user.

At login time or sometime later? I believe pam_mount exists to solve the 
login-case. Can't give you any advise on it as I have never used it.
(search this list on marc.theaimsgroup.com, it has been discussed before)

If you install smbmnt setuid root then anyone can mount any smb share on
any directory they own:

mkdir $HOME/smb_mountA
smbmount //server/share $HOME/smb_mountA -o username=puw

Look at LinNeighborhood for a GUI browsing tool that allows you to mount 

Putting things in fstab is not the only way to get things mounted.

fstab or autofs can be useful if you give each user their own mountpoint
(kind of silly), or create a group of the users you want to give access to
and let that group own the files with the 'gid' option.


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