[Samba] Optimizing Samba

Sam Barasch barasch at biostat.wisc.edu
Fri Dec 27 16:09:01 GMT 2002

Hi Robert.

We're big ACT users and haven't noticed the type of problems that you're 
talking about - in any version of Samba.

What size are your ACT databases - in record # and MB's?

What version of Samba are you running?

How are oplocks configured on your Samba PDC?

Is there any difference in erformance across client platforms?

How about posing a snippet of smbstatus - u <username - during and after 
use of ACT>?

I'm just a little curious, because the ACT package is one that we use a lot.


At 10:23 AM 12/27/2002 -0500, Robert Adkins wrote:
>Hello All,
>         I have put together a Samba PDC for a mixed Bag of Windows Client
>workstations. We have a few Windwos 9x, some Win NT 4.0 and a handful of
>Windows 2000 workstations. The server is operating fine as a PDC for all
>workstations, all the permissions are properly set and things are running
>mostly smoothly.
>         There are a few things that are somewhat slow moving on the 
> network. For
>example, a few users utilize ACT! 4.0 and ACT! 6.0 for contact
>management. Their contact Databases are located on the server, in order
>to keep them available if they need to change workstations and also for
>back-up purposes. The only issue they have is when exiting the
>application both versions of ACT! take an inordinate amount of time to do
>their shutdown. I believe that both versions reset some lock files and do
>a few other minor things to the datafiles during the closing process.
>         On our old server, those applications closed down almost 
> instantly. So,
>what I need is some optimization ideas in order to speed up those close
>writes to the ACT! DC Files.
>         Another minor issue that I have is that sometimes in Windows 
> Explorer,
>some files aren't listing properly. The files are all named numerically
>and normally all list in ascending order. (ie. 12319 comes first, 12320
>comes second and so on...) On occasion, one or more files will show up
>out of order, always at the end of the file listing. (ie. The last file
>created and numbered is 12319, but the last file in the listing is shown
>as 11245.)
>         I think that this might have to do with it being accessed by a 
> Windows
>98 First Edition system that has occasion to open some of those files.
>The workstation that normally creates and accesses those files is a
>Windows 2000 Professional workstation.
>         Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
>Robert Adkins II
>IT Manager/Buyer
>Impel Industries, Inc.
>Ph. 586-254-5800
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