[Samba] How important are oplocks?

Jean-Paul ARGUDO jean.paul.argudo at pack-solutions.com
Thu Dec 19 15:22:00 GMT 2002

Jim Morris wrote:
> veto oplock files = /*.DBF/*.dbf/*.MDX/*.mdx/*.ITB/*.itb/*.MDB/*.mdb/
> You get the picture..... it is a slash (/) separated list of filename or
> filename patterns....

Oh yes!

I read this option in smb docs. Looks great. But in my case, since I 
have users yet only working on M$ Office standard, to put a veto for 
oplocks on .doc and .xls files equals disable oplocks :-))

Other question: is "veto oplock files" really case sensitive?
Couldn't you put some regexp here? SMB dev=> Is this supported?

Yeah, I know, wouldn't be much of use :-) there must be a lot of urgent 
things to do :-)

Thanks Jim anyway.

Jean-Paul ARGUDO

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