[Samba] Changing the name of a server?

Romeyn Prescott prescor at digirom.potsdam.edu
Mon Dec 16 19:58:02 GMT 2002


I have a server called "images" (both TCP/IP and NetBIOS) I am 
replacing with a new server.  The new server's development name (both 
TCP/IP and NetBIOS) is "rackimages".  Both are members of an NT4 
Domain.  Images is an NT4 Server, rackimages is a RH8 Linux box 
running Samba 2.2.7.

I want rackimages to become images.  I have it all set and ready to 
go.  My shares work and users are authenticated properly.  So here's 
what I did:

- I created a new Domain account for the old images server called 
"oldimages".  I changed its name and rebooted it.

- I modified rackimage's smb.conf to reflect the new netbios name 
"images".  I stopped and restarted smbd/nmbd.

- I changed entries in our DNS server such that the name "images" 
points to the new server and not the old one.

Now, when I type \\images on a command line I am asked to 
authenticate!!!?  Images is set to domain authenticate.  I switched 
everything back the way it was before and now it all works again. 
But I want rackimages to be images.

What am I missing?


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