[Samba] libnss on solaris

Wieprecht, Karen M. Karen.Wieprecht at jhuapl.edu
Tue Dec 3 22:08:00 GMT 2002

You've already built the libnss_winbind.so files ... Please check the

0. This may not have been necessary,  but in our /etc/hosts table,  we made
an alias for the domain controller that is the name of our domain dc.something.edu ntdomainname

1.In /etc/nsswitch.conf: 
	passwd: files nis winbind
	group:  files nis winbind

2. Configure smb.conf file for security = domain and set up the winbind
	(see samples in many of the docs files)


3. Join the domain
	a. add the system to the domain on the domain controller
	b. ~samba/bin/smbpasswd -j yourdomainname -r yourdomaincontroller

4. start your smbd and nmbd daemons
5. start your winbind daemons AFTER the smbd and nmbd daemons

6. test the winbind connectivity
	~samba/bin/wbinfo -u

See if any of this helps.

	Karen Wieprecht

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> >
> > have you ever made nss_wins work on solaris ?
> No. But others have. This WINS support library was built on Solaris.
could you please give me a contact to such a person ?

from nsswitch/README: This extension provides a "wins" module for NSS on

> Make sure that you rename nss_wins.so to libnss_wins.so and 
> set links
> accordingly.
I did, as I wrote in previous email.

> Also, please check Solaris documentation to find how to 
> bind dynamic link
> libaries so that solaris can find them. Do you have an 
> /etc/ld.so.conf
> file? Maybe it is in /etc/system.{cnf,conf}. I used to run 
> Solaris X86 and
> vaguely remember a file like it.

i checked the docs and without any tweaking libraries are searched
for in /usr/lib. you can change it with crle command, but in this case
i dont think it needs any changes.

> Also, what happens it you have in your /etc/nsswitch.conf?
> hosts: wins dns file,  ie: wins first.
i tried even hosts: wins only, with no luck :(

> Please show command failure output.
bash-2.05# ping cww
ping: unknown host cww

i have also ran snoop (sun's network sniffer) and if i do a ping
i cant see any broadcasts nor wins traffic... so i guess
that nss library is not even touched :(

how can i debug it ? truss doesnt show anything useful :|

i need it badly,


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