[Samba] sharename not found

Jon Miller jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au
Tue Dec 3 21:50:02 GMT 2002

While working on a samba site today ran into a problem that I could not
figure out.  I was changing the security from "Share" to "user" and did
some other minor changes.  When I went to login in some of the user some
of them went okay, but then some did not.  What I got was a message
stating "MS Networking  sharename was not found".  My only question is
what sharename is this message referring to.  The clients that this
message came up on was win95, win98 and winMe workstations.  Whereas
other users on the same network using the same OS didn't have the
same problem.
System is a rhl7.3 server.  All other settings works fine for the users
with no problems.
When I put the users network setting back in share mode (e.g without the
logon to NT domain) they were able to access the folders/shares.
Each user has an entry in the smbpasswd file and password.

Thanks for any insight to this.

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