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Sat Aug 31 04:33:01 GMT 2002

Dear sir/ madam,

The traditional product of China is drawing which is made of silk 

The incident of 9.11 brings people the feeling that eager to peace in the world

Silk drawing " the trade center of world ". Express the people the feeling that want  to keep  the loves and 
peace in the world.

The silk drawing has 2 kinds of sample. 
the calendar of 2003 printed on one silk . 

The English edition can be changed. Add other characters. 

Consult the www.12-25.net Zhejiang export commodities heading of a column 

Hope to seek the product agent.   

 Welcome to contact. 

We are youth Christians of enthusiasm in China,working for 

the import and export trade. 

By way of the church system, we can directly find the 

factory to supply goods. 

We hope to open up international trade,

And want to assist sisters and brothers in the church who 

are poor,help them©úfound more work 


Let everybody enjoy love from God.©ú 

We hope for get your support and help. 

Thank to your concern. 

We await your early reply.


 relations the work ministry

  Ye Mengxin  

E-mail£º ye6988 at 21cn.com   

Tel:  86--571--85552880
Fax: 86--571--87913740

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