[Samba] Migrating NT files (with users/groups) to Linux Samba with ACL kernel patch.

Baecker at IRF.de Baecker at IRF.de
Sat Aug 31 02:29:00 GMT 2002


>Whoa.  Long subject - still, it basically says it all:
>I have an NT PDC and an NT fileserver.  I've also got a Linux box
>compiled with the ACL patches from acl.bestbits.at and I've got Samba
>2.2.5 (--with-acl-support) configured to be a PDC on that box.  I've put
>all my machines and users in LDAP and the Linux box' PAM configuration
>is also told to look for passwords/users in LDAP.
>The setup seem to be working exactly how I expect it to.  Sweet.
>I want to move all the files currently on the NT fileserver over to the
>Linux Samba server.  Fair enough, I hear you say, just copy the files.
>Well, if I do so, users/groups from NT aren't preserved on the files I
>copy.  They are now owned (and no others have any permissions on it) by
>the user I logged in as.
>Is there a way I can preserve users and groups when transferring files
>from NT to Linux Samba?  I'd hate to manually change the permissions on
>several hundreds of thousands of files.  ;-)
>Thanks in advance,

- browse both machines as the administrator
- use scopy.exe (part of the Win NT Resource Kit) on the NT server to copy the 
  files (maybe an option must be given to make scopy preserve ACLs)


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