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Le Vendredi 30 Août 2002 15:24, Nick Couchman a écrit :
> If you want to try to use winbind, this might work.  I haven't had too much
> luck with winbind, but you can give it a shot.  You'll need to go back and
> recompile samba on your clients, specifying the "--with-winbind" option. 
> Then you'll want to have a look at some of the documentation files.  Look
> in the doc/textdocs directory of the untarred samba source file.  You
> should find something with winbind in the name.  That will give you
> instructions on what changes you need to make to your samba configuration,
> PAM configuration, and NSS configuration.
> --Nick
> Kovar Jan wrote:
> > Hello.
> > I am administrating about 30PCs with W2K and users are authenticated in
> > SAMBA running as PDC on Linux. About 16PCs have the possibillity to boot
> > also into Linux. I would like to authenticate also linux users using the
> > samba, because I do not want to copy passwd, group, shadow each time I
> > add a user, or even add the user on each PC. I do not use LDAP a do not
> > know NIS. Is it possible to use samba for such a thing? Any tips?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Jan Kovar
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Well you can try this method, using winbind:


It works fine. You can also mount smb shares at logon time, according to user 
name, with pam_mount:


The main problem is that you won't be able to open a kde or gnome session on a 
remote samba homedir, due to some limitations of the smb file system 
(specific files like sockets are not handled).

The only hack i've found to work is to mount the user's remote samba/NT home 
directory as a subdirectory of his local home dir (something like 
"/home/user/documents"), so that all the specific config and service files 
are handled locally, and he still has a remote (=backuped) place to save his 

Also, Mandrake Linux 9.0 will handle samba/NT domain authentication at install 
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