[Samba] explain please? was: pblms with samba 2.X /3.x and NT--W2k

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Tue Aug 20 03:12:00 GMT 2002

Kristyan (and all)
I just searched the samba website, 

and I couldnt find any reference to spnego except for  a slide show (samba-lwny.ag  ) that I can't open.

ANYWAY.  since I can't find any reference to the spnego parameter, could someone explain what it is, what it does, and HOW it can help us "stupid" people?  It doesnt seem to be a parameter I've come across before..

Thanks again for ALL of us with this similar problem

Mitch B

Subject: RE: [Samba] pblms with samba 2.X /3.x and NT--W2k

 try  adding to your smb.conf file 

use spnego = no

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From: mitchbnj_removethis at excite.com
Subject: [Samba] pblms with samba 2.X  /3.x and NT--W2k
	There is OBVIOUSLY something wrong somewhere. EITHER a WHOLE 
	bunch of us are stupider than we thought,  the 
	documentation left off a step, or there is something 
	SO blatently obvious that we are ALL staring it in 
	the face and missing it inches in front of our  
   	faces.This is exactly what I've had, (BUT I *D*I*D* have it
	running ok  ...) and I STILL havent figured it out yet,
		Subject: join domain problem with Samba 3.0 alpha18
		..snip... I've compiled the SAMBA 3.0 alpha18  with all default 
		options and installed well. 
		Then I would join my NT 4.0 machine using the following steps 
		manually (not On the fly) 
		** I did same thing, both manually and  from script too...***   
		# useradd -g groupid -d /dev/null -c  "comment" -s 
		/bin/false -m machine_name$ # passwd -l machine_name$ #
		smbpasswd -a -m machine_name$  (exact same steps/messages) 
		then I tried to  join my NT4.0 to the Samba PDC, but it failed with this 
		message: "The machine account for this computer either does not exist or is

		With Samba 2.2.5 it workes all right, also join domain. My Linux system
		is RedHead 7.1.  Mine was Samba 2.2.3, and then 2.2.5  To me
		this means we are ALL screwing something so basic up, that we're skipping
		over it.  More info: in my config (and I posted my machine/smbd/nmbd
		logs earlier) as well as in my messages/and other logs I didnt see 
		anything.  please help us  


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