[Samba] printers not working, nmbd not dying

Danny Yee danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au
Mon Aug 12 18:08:01 GMT 2002

I have a samba problem that's now desperate.

I'm running 2.2.5 from the RPM on samba.org, on Red Hat 7.3.

The symptoms are:
* printing stopped working yesterday after a reboot 
  with smbclient giving errors
	smb: \> print ntp.ps
	NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND opening remote file ntp.ps
  turning logging on, there appears to be a problem writing to
  /var/spool/ppr/sambaspool (even though that is 1777)

* "/etc/init.d/smb stop" doesn't kill the nmbd processes (should there be
  two of these all the time?)

* late last night I managed to get it to work (by starting and
  restarting things in desperation), but after another server crash
  today (SCSI problems, don't ask) the problem has recurred.

Any help with this -- any ideas at all -- would be appreciated as
I'm at the hair-pulling-out stage.


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