[Samba] 79.00FE error on HP8150DN

Akop Pogosian akopps at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Aug 12 19:50:01 GMT 2002

For some reason, our HP8150DN printers hang with this error and
require power-cycling after a user tries to print any job from
Windows2000 or NT (including a test page). The Samba server is running
2.2.5 on a Solaris 2.6 box using Sun's printing system. It forwards
all jobs to another Solaris machine that runs LPRng-3.8.2 and
ifhp-3.5.1. I am able to install and use all of our printers
(including several HP and Apple models) under this setup except for
the HP8150DN printer. The printer has the latest HP firmware installed
(dated March 2002) and on the client I am using the latest HP 8100
series PS driver. Did anyone else have this kind of problems with


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