[Samba] Simple Question

Irving Carrion icarrion at allinterior.com
Sat Aug 10 04:26:06 GMT 2002

Greetings All!!

I am in the process of replacing Windows NT 4.0 PDC with a SAMBA PDC.  The
problem is that we still need to use Windows NT 4.0 server.  The samba PDC
will have domain name "ocean" and the Windows NT 4.0 server will have a
domain name of "fishes" but they will still be on the same subnet.  

Question: Will it cause problems having a Win NT 4.0 PDC and SAMBA PDC (WITH
DIFFERENT DOMAIN NAMES) on the same physical subnet?  Will broadcasts fail?

Thanks For Your Time, and many THANKS to the SAMBA TEAM!!


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