[Samba] authenticates but won't login

David Leuser II dleuser at newhampton.org
Sat Aug 10 04:23:13 GMT 2002

****** The problem ******
(Finally) I have my red hat 7.2 (LTSP) system authenticating users from an
NT4.0 domain using winbind... BUT after it authenticates... the screen
goes blank, where it would normally load the window manager and instead of
having my desktop come up, the login dialogue comes back. 

******What I THINK is happening...(?)******
PLEASE HELP!  I'm trying to run ICEwm and/or Gnome over GDM.  I think I
have my home directories screwed up (that is, the NT users don't have one
yet, so the window manager can't load???)... Of course, my last problem
had nothing to do with what I thought it did so who knows.  Appreciate any
pointers, since I'm still at the point where I really have no idea whats
going on.  :-) 

I guess I'm stumbling over home directory related lines in smb.conf and
pam_mount.conf, I don't understand what samba is telling linux is the
users home dir, and where that literally OR symbolically, is located on
the machine; e.g. is /home/%d/%u, really //localmachine/home/domain/user/
or something else, like a share off the samba server? and how does that
get applied to the users?)

**** Related but different ****
I ultimately want to use pam_mount to mount volumes off an existing NT4.0
fileserver (I hope): Does anyone know how that would affect these
unix-style permissions I'm learning about? Specifically, each user needs
an executable text config file for the window manager.

thanks all!

(attached my /etc/samba/smb.conf and the login and system-auth files from

David M. Leuser, II
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New Hampton School
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dleuser at newhampton.org
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wonderful feeling. " -- Gnome User's Guide

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