[Samba] samba & gateway

Dan Vande More dvm at gwtr.com
Fri Aug 9 10:08:55 GMT 2002

It is my guess, that like most setups, the autodial will dial up when ever any request is made that is beyond the local subnet.
This includes most broadcasts.
Also check any of your computers and see if they have dns servers static'd in.
If a computer is looking to resolve a pc name, it will use the dns servers, and if your dns servers are beyond the local subnet, well you get the picture.



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My samba-server (SUSE 8.0) is used also as an internet gateway via
a dsl-modem. The modem is connected with the second ethernet
interface of the server (auto dial-up).

The problem: Everytime when I mount a share or browse the network
the server is dialing up. When I disconnect the modem, it's also
possible to mount the shares but it takes a long time.

How can I find out why the server is establishing a connection to
the internet and how can I prevent the server from dialing up ?


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