[Samba] swat files not found !

baijumb baijumb at emirates.net.ae
Fri Aug 9 05:08:11 GMT 2002

Dear Sirs,

I am using Redhat Linux recently. It is very nice product and I found lot of stuff is very interesting and good also.

My problem is,

When I go to /etc/xinetd.d/ directory I can't find any "swat" file. according to my knowledge I want change
this swat file "disable=no". ( If that file is missing can you send me commend)

If I restart xinetd and go to local browser and type http://localhost:901/  is give me error "not found".

Can you give me an idea , how I can run SWAT programme.

Also when I create new user (test) and share will be that directory only. That means /home/test only.
but I want share /usr full directory, how I can do this ?.

I know , this is very silly questions I am asking, but I am an new user in Linux .

Your prompt answer is highly appreciate.

Thanks and Regads,

baijumb at emirates.net.ae
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