[Samba] importance of sid and rid?

Hardi Gunawan hardigunawan at inbox.lv
Wed Aug 7 01:37:06 GMT 2002

Maybe I should rephrase my question:

Let's say I have a WinNT/2k File server, with ACL permissions on the 
directories according to user groups defined in WinNT/2k PDC.  If I replace 
WinNT/2k PDC with Samba acting as a PDC, is it possible, that the users are 
still under ACL permission restriction on the WinNT/2k server?

My worry is that, when I do a migration, the SID & RID would have been 
changed, and the WinNT/2k File Server wouldn't let the legitimate users to 
access it anymore.

Is this true?  If it is, how do I overcome this?

Thank you.

On Saturday 27 July 2002 15:49, Hardi Gunawan wrote:
> I'm sorry that I overlook the documentation, but I've tried again and still
> couldn't find it.
> Could you please tell me which documentation that I should read?
> On Thursday 25 Jul 2002 14:19, Eddie Lania wrote:
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> > ---- snap
> > Hope these questions are not too much :)
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> >Maybe, but it could also be that the samba documentation is to poor :-()

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