[Samba] PDC user manager + transferring accounts from NT

Julio Cesar de Magalhaes jcesar at ipea.gov.br
Wed Aug 7 07:24:03 GMT 2002

Did you already try the pwdump ???
On the NT PDC Machine with Administrator account
pwdump > smbpasswd

daniel bender wrote:

>i have set up a PDC (Samba 2.2.4) on FreeBSD 4.6 to replace our existing NT4 server.
>so far, everything works (except some naming of the [home] shares), but adding every user/machine via adduser + smbpasswd is somehow "not nice".
>now, is there something like the NT UserManager to administrate the accounts (otherwise i would write some nifty scripts :), especially, is there a way of transferring the existing accounts on the NT4 server to samba?
>thank i.a.,
>daniel bender
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