[Samba] Outlook/Express Crawling with Domains

Philip Burrow phil.burrow at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Aug 4 01:21:16 GMT 2002

> <snip OE slow>

Yeah I've had that. It's linked with your other problem with Messenger.
Outlook is trying to get your MSN contact list when it's sat there with its
splash screen up, but since Messenger wont start, it can't. Hence it sits
there for a bit, until it decides MSN isn't going to play.

> Also, as a side note, maybe someone might have the answer to this as
> well.  Once I switched to a domain, the user can no longer open Windows
> Messenger in XP.  Is this normal?  IS there some setting I need to
> change? (i.e., is Messenger looking for an exchange server only when in
> domain mode or something?).

No. This is a problem with recent versions of Messenger. It'll only let
admin or local users use it. Version 4.5 does not have this problem, and if
you downgrade, start using it, and then upgrade it again, I believe it
doesn't do it again.

If it's not that, then make sure you've not got any policies set that
disable MSN for domain users.

Hope this helps!


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