[Samba] Outlook/Express Crawling with Domains

Glover George dime at gulfsales.com
Thu Aug 1 16:22:02 GMT 2002

I'm gonna try to give as complete a description as I can.  Maybe someone
can point me in the right direction, as I haven't seen anything exactly
like this.

I'm attempting to switch from Workgroup to Domain at work.  On a couple
machines I did fresh installs of XP, used the registry patch, and
succesffully got logons, roaming profiles working.  However, when a user
attempts to open outlook or outlook express (as well as a few other
programs that use Local settings) it crawls.  For instance, both outlook
and outlook express just sit at their splash screens for about a good
minute before finally going into the program.  However, at the same time
this is happening, I can open internet explorer and browse the web, or
pull up shares on the PDC at full speed.  Also, you know the network
connection lights in the system tray?  Well they don't blink but very
sparingly while outlook/express are hung.  Am I missing something here ?
Is this commoon?  Everythihng works fine, it's just the speed is
anoying.  And it's not the size of the mailboxes, because they do that
even when setting up a new one.

Also, as a side note, maybe someone might have the answer to this as
well.  Once I switched to a domain, the user can no longer open Windows
Messenger in XP.  Is this normal?  IS there some setting I need to
change? (i.e., is Messenger looking for an exchange server only when in
domain mode or something?).

Thanks in advance to any help.

Glover George
Systems/Networks Administrator
Gulf Sales & Supply, Inc.
dime at gulfsales.com
(228) 762-0268 

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