{samba digest, Vol 1 #1475 - 26 msgs} [Samba] Outlook/Express Crawling with Domains

Glover George dime at gulfsales.com
Fri Aug 2 07:03:21 GMT 2002

>  > Message: 7
> > From: "Glover George" <dime at gulfsales.com>
> > Also, as a side note, maybe someone might have the answer 
> to this as 
> > well.  Once I switched to a domain, the user can no longer open 
> > Windows Messenger in XP.  Is this normal?  IS there some setting I 
> > need to change? (i.e., is Messenger looking for an exchange server
> > only when in
> > domain mode or something?).
> >
> > Thanks in advance to any help.
> >
> > Glover George
> Hi,
> The problem with Windows Messenger could be related to the 
> user id of the Windows user account, as you've switched from 
> local accounts to domain accounts the mapping between XP uid 
> and Messenger isn't the same for a domain logon. Just get 
> users to reconfigure their messenger to login as their normal id.

	By reconfigure them you mean what?  The automatic login?  I
would, but it won't open.  You hear the hard drive churn away for a
second then nothing.  Windows Messenger won't even start for me to
configure anything.  How else could I fix this?

> On the subject of Outlook we used roaming profiles and didn't 
> seem to encounter the same problem - however as I changed the 
> XP policy to force wait for roaming profiles all our settings 
> where loaded before XP let us in... I'm wondering if the 
> parts of the registry hive Outlook needs aren't yet present 
> and so they're grabbing them from the network.
> --
I mean, I really don't think it's pulling anything from the network.  I
should at least see lights flashing on the nic when its hung like this,
but it doesn't flash.  It's like Windows is waiting on something (or
samba is waiting).  I thought maybe dns stuff, but that all seems fine.
Of course I haven't set windows to use WINS.  I'll try that next, but I
am at a loss.

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