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Richard Horton richard.horton at kecrypt.com
Fri Aug 2 02:05:01 GMT 2002

 > Message: 7
> From: "Glover George" <dime at gulfsales.com>
> Also, as a side note, maybe someone might have the answer to this as
> well.  Once I switched to a domain, the user can no longer
> open Windows
> Messenger in XP.  Is this normal?  IS there some setting I need to
> change? (i.e., is Messenger looking for an exchange server
> only when in
> domain mode or something?).
> Thanks in advance to any help.
> Glover George


The problem with Windows Messenger could be related to the user id of
the Windows user account, as you've switched from local accounts to
domain accounts the mapping between XP uid and Messenger isn't the same
for a domain logon. Just get users to reconfigure their messenger to
login as their normal id.

On the subject of Outlook we used roaming profiles and didn't seem to
encounter the same problem - however as I changed the XP policy to force
wait for roaming profiles all our settings where loaded before XP let us
in... I'm wondering if the parts of the registry hive Outlook needs
aren't yet present and so they're grabbing them from the network.
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