[Samba] winbind & usernames with Swedish characters

Peter Åstrand peter at cendio.se
Fri Aug 2 02:17:02 GMT 2002

I have problems using winbindd and user accounts with Swedish characters.
After upgrading to Samba 2.2.5, the NSS functions seems to translate the  
Swedish chars correctly for getpwent():
[root at testctc-master root]# getent passwd | grep -i pär
pär:x:10005:10000:Pär Svensson:/home/TESTCTC/pär:/bin/bash

But, it's not possible to lookup users with Swedish chars:
[root at testctc-master root]# id pär
id: pär: No such user
[root at testctc-master root]# id nisse
uid=10000(nisse) gid=10000(Domänanvändare) groups=10000(Domänanvändare)

I've looked a bit at the source code but cannot find the problem. Any

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