[Samba] Silence is golden

Marlow, Robin robin.marlow at ic.ac.uk
Mon Apr 29 03:26:02 GMT 2002

	We now have our samba server up & running. But it's on an old
machine with an awfully loud harddrive. Pre-samba most of the time the box
was idle & the harddrive managed to go into standby - thus sparing us from
the din. When samba is running (even if no users are accessing shares) there
are accesses every 5  mins or so - keeping the drive spinning continuously.

I've redirected the log files to /dev/null & set log level = 0  & syslog
only = 0. But it is still happening.  Apart from killing syslogd - has
anyone any ideas?



p.s.  i'm not really bothered about logging from samba. i trust it!

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