[Samba] Project Schedule

Richard Pyne rpyne at shopsite.com
Wed Apr 24 14:32:02 GMT 2002


Now that (I think) I have all of the information needed and have been able to 
look over a good sample transaction, my best worst case estimates are:

Configuration piece (payconfig.cgi) working by Wednesday, May 1,
Authorization piece (thankyou.cgi) working by Tuesday, May 7,
Billing piece (orderhandler.cgi) working by Friday, May 10.

I already have a test account set up with CSI, so we won't have to wait for 

I have intentionally estimated long on the Authorization piece because it 
will involve modifying the ssl/xml code we have to handle the private key 


Richard B. Pyne
Software Engineer
ShopSite, Inc.

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