[Samba] Spooler for windows

Mario Galindo mario.galindo at versatil.net
Wed Apr 24 14:05:02 GMT 2002


    I`m sorry to trouble you. I`m looking for a windows spooler with "Automatic job holding" feature. I`m a Visual Basic developer and using Windows API to perform some of the functionality. I`m able to use those API's like "pause", "resume" or "delete" a job. My problem is some of these jobs coming from Excel, Power point can not pause them correctly (1, 2 or 3 pages, few info) some times it jams the shared printer or is difficult to pause them. Only winword is 100% ok. I need to control this from Visual Basic and I need a way to do it. It could be a DLL, OCX or an external program (preferable royalty free). I don`t have a big budget so if this software can help me in some way (Samba) or if you know other product or a developer that can make this for me I really appreciate any help. I need most of the same features Windows spooler has (pause, resume, delete, pages for job etc...) plus any incoming job be paused (Automatic job holding) and can be controlled through Visual Basic.

    Thanks in advance for your help & Best Regards / Mario Galindo
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