[Samba] Re: Can't get samba 2.2.3a to compile with ACL support (with logs)

Nathan Scott nathans at sgi.com
Tue Apr 23 15:44:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 12:02:44PM -0500, Chris Tooley wrote:
> I did make the switch in configure from -lacl -lattr and faired no
> better results.  I'm using XFS version 1.1 from the 2.4.9-31SGI_XFSsmp
> kernel.
> checking if large file support can be enabled... yes
> checking whether to support ACLs... checking for acl_get_file in
> -lattr... no
> checking for ACL support... no

Your configure changes are incorrect - they're looking in the wrong
library for acl_get_file (which is in libacl, not libattr), as I
said earlier you need to link with both libraries.

It has been pointed out that we can do a better job when building
libacl so that it knows it depends on libattr (in fact this was
done at one point, but was accidentally dropped from the Makefile).
If you build and install the acl code from XFS CVS (have a look
though cmd/acl/doc/INSTALL), you should find that Samba gets
built correctly with no changes at all now.



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