[Samba] Re: Can't get samba 2.2.3a to compile with ACL support (with logs)

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Apr 25 12:52:02 GMT 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Nathan Scott wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 12:02:44PM -0500, Chris Tooley wrote:
> > I did make the switch in configure from -lacl -lattr and faired no
> > better results.  I'm using XFS version 1.1 from the 2.4.9-31SGI_XFSsmp
> > kernel.
> > 
> > checking if large file support can be enabled... yes
> > checking whether to support ACLs... checking for acl_get_file in
> > -lattr... no
> > checking for ACL support... no
> Your configure changes are incorrect - they're looking in the wrong
> library for acl_get_file (which is in libacl, not libattr), as I
> said earlier you need to link with both libraries.
> It has been pointed out that we can do a better job when building
> libacl so that it knows it depends on libattr (in fact this was
> done at one point, but was accidentally dropped from the Makefile).
> If you build and install the acl code from XFS CVS (have a look
> though cmd/acl/doc/INSTALL), you should find that Samba gets
> built correctly with no changes at all now.

Can someone send me a quick patch for configure.in to deal with
this?  It would be much appreciated.  I don't have an XFS box 
to test on, but would like to see this fixed for 2.2.4.   Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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