[Samba] Newbi to Samba.. Help

Jean-Pierre Manalo jeanpierre.manalo at ceo.syd.catholic.edu.au
Sun Apr 21 19:31:02 GMT 2002

Hello there Ray,

Samba is one way to have your windows systems access your OpenBSD box. I
guess i can be classified as a newbie to samba also, and I have found the
book "Using Samba" published by O'Reilly's to be really good. The ISBN for
1st edition is 1-56592-449-5 (I believe that there is a second edition in
the pipeline somewhere...).


Jean-Pierre Manalo
IT Unit, CEO Sydney
email: jeanpierre.manalo at ceo.syd.catholic.edu.au

> I need some advice on Samba and I am hopping you will be the one to put me
onm the track...
> I am running OpenBSD 3.1 and need to have 5 Windows systems access the
file server... Is
> Samba the way that I want to go on this and if it is can you recommend
some books that will be > of value to a NEWBI to Samba and some that when I
do get a grep on it will good as referance > books later down the road ?

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