[Samba] Newbi to Samba.. Help

papajazz at papajazz.best.vwh.net papajazz at papajazz.best.vwh.net
Sun Apr 21 19:03:03 GMT 2002

 I need some advice on Samba and I am hopping you will be the one to put me onm the track... 
I am running OpenBSD 3.1 and need to have 5 Windows systems access the file server... Is Samba the way that I want to go on this and if it is can you recommend some books that will be of value to a NEWBI to Samba and some that when I do get a grep on it will good as referance books later down the road ? 

  Thanks In Advance

         Ray Suter (aka. papajazz)

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