[Samba] (no subject)

Andre Versümer Versuemer at gmx.net
Wed Apr 17 01:14:02 GMT 2002

hi there,

i need help with samba, linux rights management etc. my admin is to busy so
i have to ask the questions ;-) 
We still use a novell network here. now we want to switch to linux/samba.
but we managed, that we cannot migrate it 1:1. that OBJECT LIKE 
ADMINISTRATION of NOVELLS NDS we cannot copy to linux/samba. there are
different problems:
- for instance we want to show the whole volume (all directories) to the
users. so if a user wants to see some files in a sub sub sub directory, 
where the user have the rights, he should see the whole tree (but not the
files in there) of sub sub sub..etc so he can browse through.
- users should grant rights in an easy(graphical) way.
- we know there is nds for linux, but maybe there is another way.
- 50 users
- we have objects like vulumes, directories, files, users, groups, print
servers, printer queues and so on.

if anybody could help i would be happy.

Andre Versuemer
Zuechtungszentrale Lueneburg
Stadtkoppel 6
21337 Lueneburg

Tel.: 04131 700734

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