[Samba] Can't access samba box after upgrade

Jerry Cain jerry at cainlink.com
Thu Apr 11 19:45:02 GMT 2002

I upgraded from RH7.1 to RH7.2 and everything went smoothly. However, after
the upgrade, I can no longer access the samba box from my win98 box. It was
working fine before the upgrade. Now the win98 box returns a message that

 "\\sycamore is not accessible. The computer or share name could not be

I looked at my smb.conf and it's the same as it was before the upgrade. I
can ping the samba box but can't browse from Windows Explorer. Btw, the host
name, SYCAMORE, shows up in the Windows' Network Neighborhood browser, but
when I double-click it, that's when I get the error message.

During the upgrade, I specified a migration from ext2 to ext3. Would that
have made a difference?

Also (not related to samba, but...), after the upgrade, I can no longer ping
past my router (linksys single port), even though my gateway configuration
remains as it was before the upgrade.  I can ping the gateway with no
problem; I just can't ping past it, and as a result, I can't get on the
Internet. As with my samba problem listed above, it was working before the
upgrade. Also, the win98 box has no problem getting past the router.  It is
able to ping and get on the Internet with ease. It's just this upgraded 7.2
linux box that's acting weird.



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