[Samba] Can't access samba box after upgrade

Dave Dambert at rogers.com
Thu Apr 11 21:19:02 GMT 2002

Jerry Cain wrote:

>I upgraded from RH7.1 to RH7.2 and everything went smoothly. However, after
>the upgrade, I can no longer access the samba box from my win98 box. It was
>working fine before the upgrade. Now the win98 box returns a message that
> "\\sycamore is not accessible. The computer or share name could not be
Hi all:

I was having problems similar to Jerry's

    * RH 7.2 with EXT3
    * Win2000 was saying the saying the Box is not accessible
    * Although I could ping the box, I could not telnet to it.

This was with a windoze machine with two NIC's and I thus purchased a 
Linksys 4 port  Cable/DSL router and could now surf the net from my RH 
box and telnet to it.  Apache works from it.  The samba situation got 
worse however as I can not even see the  machine in network neighborhood 
now although I can see the work group.  

The router maybe adding complications as I need to have my Linux box 
 using DHCP, although it is continually at the same local IP address.  

I have tried sample smb.conf and one from work.  Webmin sees all the 
shares from the smb.conf I copied from work and seems to hint that 
everything is OK.  

I may triy re-installing

    * Fighting with smb.conf for a while longer
    * Static IP adr, removing DHCP
    * RH 7.2 but with Ext2,
    * Suse 7.3


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