[Samba] Nec 95F $267 - Gateway Web Site - Nice

David Rankin david at cox-internet.com
Thu Apr 11 19:08:01 GMT 2002

Guys & Gals:

	Ordered a NEC 95F flat screen 19" monitor from gateway yesterday, it
was delivered today. It's awesome. No, I don't work for anyone involved.
I'm just a geek lawyer. But, Sh!% (that's for Craig W... you know who
you are....), when I can grab a 19" Flat screen monitor for $267 from a
reasonably reputable dealer with $00.00 shipping, I think it worth
letting my fellow listmates know about.

	Check out the reviews on Cnet, for a budget 19" flat screen, this thing
rocks! Sure makes my K6-2 233 w/Number 9 Imagine 128 take on a whole new
look. 1280x1024 comfortably is worth it!


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