[Samba] file/folder delete problem

Jon Gerdes gerdesj at whl.co.uk
Mon Apr 8 09:20:02 GMT 2002


I had a similar problem but upgrading to 2.2.3a fixed it!  Some suggestions: 

Check service packs
As a temporary fix, set the deadtime parameter to something small eg 1 minute.  The client will be dropped and then auto reconnect with a new session - should be able to delete again.  This might tide you over until you get a real fix.

Another bizarre thing is the way you delete.  Try from the command line and various combinations of using left or right hand pane in Explorer.

Check your Oplock settings and try a different combination.  

Jon Gerdes

>>> "Jamie Pratt" <jamie at nucdc.org> 08/04/2002 17:07:37 >>>
Hello - I'm having a problem with deletion of folders/files on a samba server-

background info:

RH 7.2 patched to current, custom linus kernel v 2.4.16, compiled samba 2.2.3a from source -

Problem is using NT/2000 client - Client can create files/directories, but when trying to delete a directory, gets access denied errors, and the folder wont delete (but the files inside do?!!) -  If the client copies a directory to the share, all is good and he can delete it all - files as well as subdirs -  Seems to be only happening on directories the user has created - if he disconnects from the share, then reconnects - he can delete the files he couldnt before?  ...strange!

any ideas, or am I missing something small??  (File perms on /usr/share are correct, I can create/edit/delete files there)
 drwxrwsr-x    2 jamie jamie         4096 Apr  8 11:18 .

...following is my smb.conf --->

TIA, and regards,



	workgroup = WORKGROUP
	log file = /usr/local/samba/var/%m.log
	printcap name = /etc/printcap
	max log size = 0
	netbios name = SERVER2
	socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
	dns proxy = no
	local master = no
	load printers = no
	security = user
	remote browse sync = X.X.X.X
	server string = SERVER2
	locking = no
	oplocks = no
	create mask = 0664
	directory mask = 0775
	available = yes
            comment = shared
	browseable = yes
	case sensitive = yes
	preserve case = yes
	writable = yes
	path = /usr/share
 	sync always = yes

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