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2.2.3a is the current stable release.  The way the rpm are packaged whether in 1 rpm or 3 has to do with who the packager is and how they built the rpm.  It can be done many ways.  You also have to look for what switches they compiled with everyone uses there own method.  If you want to stay consistent then always get your rpm packages from the same place.  If you want to upgrade an older RH6.1 server with a newer rpm, chances are you're going to have a lot of dependency problems.  You basically will have four options:

1 - Update all of the necessary dependencies before installing the newer rpms
2 - Upgrade your system to a newer version of RedHat (7.2 is the current)
3 - Remove your samba rpm's and install it via the source tarball (untar, configure, make, make install, ....)
4 - Build your own rpm's


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  I have samba rpm's installed on my RedHat 6.1: 




  So fat it was working great with our LAN ( WIN98 PC's ). 

  But we are going to buy new PC which will come with Win XP. 

  In some book I have found that samba 2.2.1a package would be required, after downloading 



  samba-common-2.2.1a-4.i386.rpm it turned out that libc.so.6 is required and this comes with 7.x RedHat. 

  Later I have found on page: 


  rpm: samba-2.2.3a-20020206.i386.rpm 

  what is this? samba so fat consisted from 3 separate rpm. 

  When I was checking dependencies  "rpm -i --test samba.... "of this package it did not require libc.so.6 but was in collision with my previous samba. 

  I'm a little confused what is this exactly? 

  Should I uninstall previous samba to install this? 

  Is this rpm containing previous 3 rpm's? 

  And maybe the most important question do I have to update samba to make it work with XP clients. 

  If yes, is there available any version of samba for RedHat 6.1 which would work with XP clients. 

  I would really appreciate any help from You.

  best regards
  Slawomir Orlowski
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