[Samba] FreeBSD, Samba and MS-DOS - Dropped connection

Paul Everlund tdv94ped at cs.umu.se
Thu Apr 4 13:48:02 GMT 2002

Hi everyone!

I hope someone can help me out with my problem! Any help or sugges-
tions are greatly appreciated!

I have a Samba server (running on FreeBSD). I also have an old MS-DOS
computer which uses PathWorks 5.0 to connect with my server.

The MS-DOS computer has no HDD, and hence it boots up from a floppy
and connects to the server. While booting it connects to two different
shares, PWV50 (mapped as C:) and GMS (mapped as D:), with different
usernames. The GMS user have write permissions to GMS, while the PWV50
user has no write permission to PWV50 or GMS. I also have the server
set with security share.

Everything works ok and the MS-DOS computer boots up as expected.

Now, on the MS-DOS computer after bootup, there is a program running
that receives data from a card, and then writes this to D:. It seems
to work ok, the file is written to the GMS share, but then it suddenly
drops the connection, saying it can not write to D:. The file seems
though to be fully "uploaded". The program tries to write a signal
file, so other programs knows it has finished, after the "upload" and
it might be this that fails.

Why is this happening? It can obviously write to D:, as the file is
on the share.

It happens just before the MS-DOS program writes out the name of the
file and its size, which probably doesn't say much as you don't know
anything specific about the program. Anyway it works ok when using a
WinNT server, so any hints why it doesn't work on my Samba server?
Is it that one can't have two different users on shared security from
the same computer, or?

Anyone who can help me out? If more information is needed, then just
let me know! Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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