[Samba] Can't print duplex

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Apr 1 06:28:05 GMT 2002

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Gary Algier wrote:

> I have two servers.  The old one (spike) is setup as a file server, etc.
> and the print services date back to the early 2.0 days.  It is currently
> running 2.2.2 with the original printer setup.  The printing works ok
> with this server.  People can print using features of the printers, like
> duplexing, just fine, but each printer setup on each client must be done
> by hand.  Once we say that the print has a duplexer, the users can print
> double sided.
>       [global]
>          workgroup = MtLaurel
>          netbios name = PRINT
>          server string = PRINT [Print Server on Chuckie]
>          encrypt passwords = yes
>          log level = 0
>          preferred master = False
>          local master = No
>          domain master = False
>          utmp = Yes
>          guest account = ftp
>          printer admin = @it,gaa
>          show add printer wizard = no
>          wins server = mtlpdc
>          ldap admin dn = XXXX
>          ldap server = YYYY
>          ldap suffix = ZZZZ
>          use client driver = yes

If you are serving printer drivers vi point-and-print, set this parameter 
to "no".

>      [print$]
>          path = /var/samba/printers
>          write list = @it,root
>          create mask = 0774
>          force create mode = 0770
>          directory mask = 0775
>          force directory mode = 0770
>          guest ok = yes
>          browsable = yes
>          printer admin = @it
>      [printers]
>          path = /var/spool/samba
>          printable = Yes
>          browseable = No
> I uploaded the drivers from a Win2k system.  I uploaded the drivers for
> Win2k, WinNT and Win9x.
> If I select a duplex capable printer (as "gaa") in the "Printers" folder,

Is "gaa" a member of the "it" group?

> I can setup "Duplex Installed".  From a client I can double click the
> printer's icon and install the drivers, etc.  When I select the newly
> installed printer in the client's "Settings/Printers" folder I can see
> that it has a duplexer installed.  However, when I try to print and go
> to the "Layout" tab, two sided printing is not available.
> Any ideas?

I spent some time on Friday and a little bit this morning.  Using the 
latest SAMBA_2_2 cvs code, I am unable to reproduce your problem.
I tested using both windows NT 4.0 and 2k clients with the HP 8000 PS 

> Where are "Device Options" stored on the samba server, anyway?  Where is
> the printer to driver map stored?  All I see in /var/samba/printers are
> the drivers themselves.

All printer and driver information is stored in the nt*tdb files in 

> Oh, as to the drivers used:  The ones I uploaded to the server were
> recently downloaded from HP.  The Win2k Server CDROM did not have
> drivers for HP 8100s. After the "use client driver = yes", the client
> used had stock Win2k Pro installed drivers.  I assume the "yes" causes
> it to use those rather than downloading from the server.

Are you starting with new printers?  It sounds like the client is used 
previous configuration information.  I would delete these printers on the 
clients and reinstall.....

cheers, jerry
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