[Samba] wins confusion

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Apr 1 06:15:03 GMT 2002

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, David Shapiro wrote:

> I have two unix boxes on subnet 10.1.1 
> An NT wins server on 10.1.4
> An NT domain controller on 10.1.4
> If I want the unix boxes to appear in network neighborhood, I am a bit
> confused on what to do.
> Do I need to set at least one unix box as a wins server on 10.1.1?
> Or, can they both just point to the NT wins server?

Use the eixtsing NT wins server ("wins server = 10.1.4.x")

> If I just point to the NT wins server, do I have to enable wins proxy?  


> It says in documentation you need to have a wins on your network.  Do
> they mean you have to have a wins on the subnet (i.e., 10.1.1) to be
> able to use wins proxy, or does the NT wins server on 10.1.4 satisfy
> this requirement?

a single wins server enough is enough.

> Do I need to have one server on 10.1.1 set to be a local master and a
> preferred master, or does both unix boxes need to have these two settings
> enabled?  Do I even need one to be set as preferred master? 

Each subnet has a local master browser.  However, there is only one domain 
master browser for the entire workgroup.  The MS PDC must be allowed to 
serve this role.

> If I enable os level = 65, will they never refer to 10.1.4 NT wins server?

Incorrect.  The os level is used for browsing elections on the local
subnet.  wins is used for name registration/resolution.  Wins and browsing 
ore two separate issues.

> If you enable a wins server on 10.1.1, does it ever see other windows
> devices, or is it limited to seeing workstation announcements on its subnet?
> If I use the wins partner option and specify the 10.1.4 NT wins server, will
> it then get all the devices that the NT wins server knows about?  Do I need
> to then enable the sync wins option?

WINS is used to unite multiple, netbios name spaces that are normally 
isolated by broadcast boundaries (e.g. a single subnet).  If you have 
multiple, non-synchronized wins servers, you will have mutliple 
separated netbios namespaces.  This is probably not what you want.

Hope this helps.

cheers, jerry
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