Samba Domain logons via pam_smb password Checking ?

Joerg Sprankel Joerg.Sprankel at
Thu Sep 27 02:36:02 GMT 2001


currently, I am working on the following task:

In our network, there is a Linux box which holds all user accounts 
in an smbpasswd. It runs samba, but is not a PDC. Other Linux 
boxes use it as an authentification source by validating 
user/password via pam_smb against this Linux box (the one with 
the user accounts in the smbpasswd).
So now I have a separate samba Domain with my own samba 
2.2.1a - PDC. Now I want to offer the possibility for (Win2K-) users 
of this Domain to logon with their username/password which is 
stored on the mentioned Linux box. 
Is it possible to force samba to do a check via pam_smb on 
another samba server or is there an obvious way I´ve been 
overlooking ?

Regards, Joerg
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