Newbie to Samba - getting '^M' characters from NT into PVCS o n UN IX

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Hello Tony,
Samba isn't the 'culprit', just the media used.  Samba does NOT insert
anything into the files that you copy over or have an application create
on a samba share.
The issue is that you are using a PC program to check out/modify the files,
and pc os'es (Win/dos, i mean) use crlf  as a ascii line terminator.  Unix
uses a lf only.  So when you view the files with a pc editor, the cr is
as part of the line terminator, and doesn't show up.
To a Unix editor, the cr is just another piece of data, and shows up as
There are utilities on many unix systems (dos2ux, ux2dos) to translate
these two text types, but samba does nothing in this regard.
Hope this helps,

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> Hello,
> 	I have inherited a Samba problem ( maybe ) - when checking NT files
> into a PVCS archive on UNIX, the files keep the '^M' ( CNTL-M ) character.
> Subsequently, when files are checked out of UNIX PVCS and compiled or
> viewed on UNIX, a '^M' character appears where there should be only a <cr>
> on UNIX.  This, as you might guess, causes havoc with the C compilers on
> 	Can Samba be the issue and what can be done to strip or convert the
> '^M' characters found in NT flat files?
> 	Thanks!
> Tony Esposito
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