Newbie to Samba - getting '^M' characters from NT into PVCS o n UN IX

Joel Hammer Joel at
Mon Sep 24 16:15:03 GMT 2001

It is very simple to convert back and forth on the unix machine.
I ASSUME that no unix file fed into a compiler would have 0D0A at the end of
the line.
So, cat file | sed 's/\x0D$//' might fix you up.
If OD just doesn't occur in a unix file destined for a compiler:
cat file | tr -d "\015" would work.

This following file, according to my samba book, is a nice utility to fix up
files on a windows machine. I just downloaded it to see if it is still
It is drag and drop.

Of course, it may be put in maliccious code for all I know.

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