Newbie to Samba - getting '^M' characters from NT into PVCS on UN IX

Tony Esposito tony.esposito at
Mon Sep 24 13:00:12 GMT 2001

> Hello,
> 	I have inherited a Samba problem ( maybe ) - when checking NT files
> into a PVCS archive on UNIX, the files keep the '^M' ( CNTL-M ) character.
> Subsequently, when files are checked out of UNIX PVCS and compiled or
> viewed on UNIX, a '^M' character appears where there should be only a <cr>
> on UNIX.  This, as you might guess, causes havoc with the C compilers on
> 	Can Samba be the issue and what can be done to strip or convert the
> '^M' characters found in NT flat files?
> 	Thanks!
> Tony Esposito
> Database Administrator
> Peregrine, E-Markets Group
> Phone (972)643-3115 

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