creating batch file for logon script...

Sano B Rutsen heiko at
Sat Sep 22 18:52:04 GMT 2001

I have a 6 computers home network and 1 one them is acting
as a file server that authenticates usersfor domain logons.
I read a samba book about creating a dos batch script that 
would automatically mount the users home directory in the 
drive "n:", the script conatins the following lines...

    net use n: \\sambaserver\username /yes

** note: the file is saved in the /home/netlogon/username.bat**
** All users have their own batch file in the netlogon directory** 

the problem is that whenever i create the batch file in linux 
using vi or any text editor, the script cannot be executed and,
my friend told me that i need a program that would convert the
batch script created in linux to have dos commands. Does anyone
of such package/program? Or does anyone know an easier way to do

As of now i have to create all the scripts for all the users in notepad,
so that it can be executed, then copy it to the the netllogon directory 
of my samba server.

Thanx in advance!!!

Best regards,



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