Can´t connect Win2K or XP to Samba 2.2.1

Matthias Krawutschke Matthias at
Thu Sep 20 06:47:05 GMT 2001


i´ve installed the new patch for SAMBA 2.2.1 on RedHat 7.1 Server version.
My problem now is, that i can´t connect from my PC like Win2K or XP to my
server. Everytime i´ve got the message:

        With this User on this machine you can´t connect the server.
        Mit diesem Konto kann man sich nicht von diesem Computer aus
            anmelden (German like !!).

So if it there any idea, what´s happen and what i can change that thhis
is working. On the netside i see, that packet goes to the server and
comes back, but the server want to have a retransmission after a while.
On the server is no firewall or ipchains enable.

Kind regards

Matthias Krawutschke

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