keeping the read-only bit set

Chris Norloff cnorloff at
Thu Sep 20 06:41:56 GMT 2001

Sorry if this is a FAQ, or an SQ (stupid question) - I've pored over the archives and the Using Samba book and just can't seem to figure out how to keep the read-only bit set between our Unix(Samba) server and our NT workstations.

1. I need 775 permissions for writeable files, 555 for read-only files
   - all our permissions on the Unix server are group permissions.       
   - Non-group members should have the ability to read files.

2. I need to be able to set read-only permissions from 
  - Windows Properties boxes, and 
  - Windows software (PVCS source-control software).

3. and the read-only permissions need to stay in place as the files are moved from Unix to Windows and vice versa.

NT ACL Support is set to yes, and I've been working with create mask, security mask, directory mask, and directory security mask - no joy.

Any body mind spelling it out simply?

Chris Norloff

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