get username of wint client

Joel Hammer Joel at
Mon Sep 17 14:41:04 GMT 2001

Read the samba book about variables (section 4 or there about) and about
preexec and postexec parameters.
Roughly, it goes like this:
preexec = echo %U at %m accessed this printer at %T >> PrinterLogFile
postexec = echo You have printed a job | mail -s "Jobs Done!" %U;\
           echo %U at %m finished a print job at %T >> PrinterLogFile

There are many other variables you can access this way.
As a newbie, you gotta read the book.
--->>>>>P.S. I haven't tried any of this out. SO, there will be lots of

On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 10:44:52AM +0200, spiekey wrote:
> Hello!
> i am a newbie, so please don´t slap me because i ask that "easy" question, hehe.
> I have a few Winnt workstation at work, they log into a winnt domain controller, so i can/not allowed to make a 2nd domin controller with my samba box (Suse72, samba2.2.0).
> But i wanna get the username of the person who sends a printjob, so that when the printjob was done successfully, he gets a mail.
> Or if that is not possible, is there a way to get the ip of the user who submitted the printjob?
> Thank you!
> Spiekey

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