Configuring Samba on AIX 4.2.1

Boyle, Nick nboyle at
Mon Oct 29 06:44:04 GMT 2001

I have configured samba 2.0.7 before on AIX 4.2.1 without any problems, but
I have recently installed it on another machine running AIX 4.2.1 and I get
the following error message

[2001/10/29 11:55:30, 1] smbd/server.c:main(641)
  smbd version 2.0.7 started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1992-1998
[2001/10/29 11:55:30, 0] lib/util_sock.c:open_socket_in(863)
  bind failed on port 139 socket_addr= (Address already in use)

nmbd runs without a problem, smbd does not run and this is the only error ,
which is left in the log.smb file

Can anyone help


Nick Boyle

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