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Blaise Lab blaise.lab at
Mon Oct 29 06:39:03 GMT 2001


I installed samba v 2.2.2 (with pam & winbindd) on a Suse Prof. 7.0 with
I successfully joined an existing nt4 domain... Thus the following commands
are successful :
wbinfo -t
wbinfo -u
wbinfo -g

Cups is perfectly working... Thus form a W2K workstation I can print on a
network printer which is shared on my linux server... My problem is to
change rights on the printer or on the share... The owner of a print job can
delete the job but noone else... I would like that a NT4 DOMAIN GLOBAL GROUP
can manage print jobs on all printers, how can I do that ?

Thank you, sorry I'm a novice...

Blaise Lab

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