[Fwd: HP-UX 11.00 samba 2.2.* smbd SIGSYS in pread]

Tyler, Ross E retyler at raytheon.com
Mon Oct 29 06:51:56 GMT 2001

"Tyler, Ross E" wrote:

> configure determines that my HP-UX 11.00 box has pread (and pwrite) because the linker resolves them to symbols in my libc.
> however, i don't believe that this system call is implemented in my version of the kernel because smbd dies with a SIGSYS (bad arg
> to sys call) in libc:pread.
> my workaround was to override what configure automatically determines
> ac_cv_func_pread=no \
> ac_cv_func_pread64=no \
> ac_cv_func_pwrite=no \
> ac_cv_func_pwrite64=no \
> ./configure
> i don't know if your configure scripts can be improved to automatically take care of this or not.
> in any case, this may be useful information to someone.
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